Semi Rigid Case or Silicone Case (TPU)???

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The Silicone Case (TPU):

A silicone case (TPU) is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a flexible and durable material. This case is designed to wrap and protect the phone from scratches, light impacts and daily abrasion. It provides a comfortable grip and also prevents fingerprints and dirt from damaging the phone. TPU silicone cases are generally lightweight and easy to install, while providing easy access to all ports, buttons and functions of the phone.

The Semi-Rigid Shell:

The semi-rigid case has transparent silicone contours and the back of the case has a layer of rigid plastic, your design will be printed on the case right to the edges for optimal protection in the event of falls and shocks. The hard shell leaves an open location for buttons, connectors and the camera for preserved quality of use.

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